Building a Brand From the Ground Up


We here at Studio Formato not only supplement the demand for digital assets such as media, websites, marketing etc., but we also work with entreprenuers either launching or relaunching their own brand. Here is an example of a project where we took Nicolette's vision for a brand and actualized it through the following services:

  • Visual media (photo, video, graphic)
  • Written media and PR
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Branding
  • Web Design

The Context...

Nicolette wanted something that demonstrated her balance of sugar and spice. Her love for beauty and luxury, but her raw authentic intense Italian self. Everything we did from the written copy on her website, to the imagery and visual branding, we made sure that it was just elegant, and just enough bold. You can feel this throughout the entire experience on her website, which we also built. Within a couple of months Nicky went from not knowing what she wanted anything to look like, to be completely satisfied with an overall aesthetic, and more importantly a functioning brand that she could now call her own. 

Logo Concepts

Logo Concepts

Final Logo

Final Logo


Metallic Business Card Design

nicolette logo businesscard.jpg

Our Approach

We took her under our wing and for a number of weeks, and did so in person. We strongly prefer in person meetings so that we can connect deeper and truly understand the person or brand which needs to be conveyed to the world online. The better we understood Nicolette, the better we were able to craft her brand. 

Visualizing Nicolette's Brand

Through multiple photo shoots, we created custom content featuring Nicolette, as well as her with her clients. We chose to highlight edit in a style that combined her passion for everything Luxe with her bold personality, and the resulting imagery appears to bridge the two.

VOcalizing the text to be as powerful as the pictures.

Our writers got to the core of what NIcolette wanted the brand to sound like. Then wrote her web copy using that style, the style that encapsulates her.

My experience working with the Studio Formato was positive since the moment I had my initial consultation with the team. They made it easy to evaluate what had to be done for me to achieve my goals, and showed me exactly they and I would achieve it. They were fluid in their communications and provided frequent updates to progress and kept me feeling in the loop and in control.
— Nicolette

In conclusion...

On Budget and Delivering 2 weeks early, we were able to:

  • Create an original brand with its own original logo, tagline, and style
  • Build and grow social media accounts, while educating her on best posting practices
  • Found a beautiful website to represent her business online
  • Craft visual and written content that encompasses her personality, passion, and skills she uses in her business


End each case study with testimonial quote?
— Eric

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