Our combined abilities, passions, and experience across multiple industries makes us an ideal partner in developing your business, no matter the challenge or industry.

Eric Formato

Founder, Photographer, Videographer, Web Designer, Chief Strategist

Andy Schumacher Videographer Denver

Andrea Schumacher

Digital Story Teller, Videographer, Business Consultant, Strategist

Stephanine-froling-graphic-artist 2.jpg

Stephanie Froling

Graphic Designer, Artist, Muralist

Jessica Wiedner

Graphic Designer and Animator

Betcy Matthew

Writer, PR and Marketing Specialist

Santiago Garcia

Writer, Web Designer, Brand Developer, Strategist

Websites Content Marketing Berlin

John Gonsalves

Brand Developer, Photographer, Strategist

Social Media Expert

Ty Dweck

Social Media Expert


Ethan Saltzberg

Videographer, Editor